Insane feat. Samuel Úria

by Marta Hugon



"Insane" is the second single taken from the new album "Bittersweet",
released on 2nd, June, 2016 by Sony Music Portugal.


There’s this funny guy I know
He’s the joke I can’t let go
and he plays inside of my head this same old tune
It goes on without a rhyme
It’s off key but it sounds fine
And it brings the innocent child within me
Close to him
His foolish grin
Is making me go
Insane without him

There’s this funny girl I know
She’s the starlet on my show
And she jokes about my odd looks and winsome smile
She pretends she doesn’t care
Flirts around as if I’m not there
But inside she knows
She is lost without my
new hit song
she’ll sing along
I’m making her go
Insane without me

He’s the one I’d like to see
Clearly she’s my cup of tea
He’s too strong headed to give up his side of town
She insists on playing cool
But instead he’s just the fool
I don´t care about the details, she’s right for me

I keep pushing him aside
She will call me every night
I told all my friends I can’t sleep when he’s around
She’s got temper she’s got style
He hides something in his smile
I’d like to turn her up turned nose up side down

But inside I know
I can´t let it show
It’s making me go
Insane without it


released November 21, 2016
Lyrics: Marta Hugon
Music: Filipe Melo

Vocals: Marta Hugon & Samuel Úria
Keyboard: Filipe Melo
Guitar: Mário Delgado
Bass: Nelson Cascais
Drums: André Sousa Machado

Horn Section:
Claus Nymark, Ricardo Toscano, Diogo Duque.

String Section:
Ana Pereira, Ana Filipa Serrão, Joana Cipriano, Ana Cláudia Serrão

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nelson Carvalho
Produced by Nelson Carvalho, Filipe Melo and Marta Hugon



all rights reserved


Marta Hugon Lisbon, Portugal

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